"Who started Sister Shakedown? I'd say Ronnie Spector."

The first time lead singer Autumn Whitaker and guitarists Levi Thomas (Ghost Dance) and Josh Nipstad shared a stage was for a 60's girl group tribute show. Both guitarists had their own separate bands at the time, but after sharing a stage with Autumn, they found a chemistry which convinced them there was more to do - only this time with original songs. With Rough Beast owner, R.J. Jennings on the low end grooves, and rhythmic genius Taylor Steele as resident animal muppet - Sister Shakedown was born.

In a graffiti covered midwest basement one long, cold winter, they crafted a pissed-off-at-a-beach-party sound and, by summer, were cranking out witchy, tripped out space jams. Over the course of that year, these 5 individuals created a handful of rock and roll songs which are a perfect snapshot of their journey as musicians, collaborative songwriters and friends.

Those songs became the band's first EP, released on Rough Beast Records at the end of 2014. The unique, self-titled collection is a quick journey from soulful throwback vibes to the unrelenting energy of wild psychedelic fuzz. At times, the power in these tracks is a force of nature, all held in perfect balance, but threatening to run off the rails at any point.

"These songs may seem like an interesting collection, but they're really a perfect reflection of this band and our work," Autumn says. That's because all 5 members of Sister Shakedown contributed to the structure of each song. "One of us would come in with a spark of an idea and we'd all get in a room and stir it around and around, sometimes for over a month, each giving input and slowly forming this thing. Then all the sudden, we'd find ourselves standing in this magical space we had just created. It really was something special."

Sister Shakedown : TAPE
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