Oakland dwelling musician Levi Thomas spent the first half of his twenties in his hometown of Springfield, Missouri as a singer and guitarist in the scuzz-psych outfit, Ghost Dance, releasing one album and extensively touring the Midwest and South. In 2014 he began writing what would later become his debut album, Billie. Conceived partially in Missouri with his eyes on the coast and completed upon arrival in Oakland, Billie is an ode to the timeless American tale of heading west looking for rebirth.

Recorded in 2016 by Winston Goertz-Giffen at Santo Studio in Oakland, Billie draws from a lifetime of influences ranging from his Ozarks roots music upbringing to the cosmic troubadours of the early 70s, with a nod to the down tempo neo-psychedelia of the early 90s. 


1. Billie

2. Free Bird

3. The Fear

4. Natural Troubadour 

5. Untitled (Dedicated to Darondo)

6. Reincarnal

7. Panther Creek

8. High and Lonesome

9. Gospel Wine

"If you’re looking for a soundtrack for your next dystopian Spaghetti Western, look no further than the songs of Levi Thomas. The San Francisco based psych-rocker writes the kind of ominous, noodling tunes that were made for scenes of abandoned towns and long walks through the quiet desert." - American Songwriter

"Levi Thomas resides in the Bay Area. Like his forbearers he came out here looking for gold. In his case, he caught rays of golden sunshine in his cosmic country twang on "The Fear." - KCRW L.A.

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