Del Sur is a Philadelphia based band whose vision started in the bedroom of guitarist and lead singer Michael Collier during the summer of 2012.  He began recording experimental surf tracks at the age of 16 with his guitar and a second-hand bass that cost him a whopping $20. His style is equally influenced by the classic surf sounds of the Beach Boys and the upbeat foundation of West African highlife music such as S.E. Rogie.

Collier released the demo "Lifeguards" in June 2013, which was met with positive reviews and inspired him to bring new creative talent to the project.  That fall, Collier's childhood friend Connor Watts joined the project to play bass, and the duo released a demo for their first full collaboration, "Melted Down."  In 2014, Michael decided to bring Del Sur's sunny sounds out of the bedroom and brought on Phil Burch to play guitar and Liam Sullivan on drums.

Del Sur's debut EP "H.A.G.S." is a mixture of Surf Pop, Highlife, and Garage Rock that was self-recorded between Collier's junior and senior years of high school. Mixed and mastered by Alex Previty of Triathalon, H.A.G.S. is a unique look into the curious years of lost innocence. The 6 track EP touches on everything from eating ice cream, partying with best friends and the familiar confusion of waking up in a stranger's bed.

The tapes are opaque goldenrod and limited to 200!

*Tapes contain digital download card

1. In My Room

2. Lifeguards

3. How High We Were

4. Melted Down

5. The Tide Is Coming In

6. We're Not Young

"The bright, balmy single is a pleasant introduction to the band’s distinctly beachy vibe, which tips the scales from tropical to psychedelic to vintage SoCal surf pop."

- Impose Magazine

"Del Sur’s lo-fi approach, with vocals layered just out of reach, create a compelling dynamic with trilled guitars and bongos that evoke images both wistful and hopeful."

-Highway 81 Revisited

"Each song from the album strikes as a carefully crafted melody with lyrics that are almost entirely tied to Collier’s youth. Past the luau-sound of opening track, “In My Room,” the tone shies away from the super faded beach vibes that seem to find their way onto many contemporary dream pop albums, and it pays off."

- XPN The Key

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