Photo by Abby Zender

Photo by Abby Zender

The members of Ghost Dance set themselves apart from a sea of boys making noise in the garage rock scene by contributing raw talent and well crafted content to the genre’s signature dirtbag party. After five years together, they finally appear on the map as skilled songwriters without sparing an ounce of sleaze. 

This four-piece from Springfield, MO can easily be classified as a rock’n’roll band but they test their boundaries by drawing influence from the darkness and massive sound of metal, the dirt and desolation of blues and the wild, electric energy of punk. 

Their twelve-track self-titled debut on Rough Beast Records is heavy and aggressive, cranking out vicious feral rock, swelling with psychedelic fuzz and only occasionally slamming on the brakes to drag their more soulful tracks through a stoney sludge. Start to finish it’s as solid and satisfying as it is violent- a filthy labor of love from the mystic wild children of the midwest.


"10,000,000 B.C." - Ghost Dance 


From the debut album by Ghost Dance, available here: iTunesSpotify and Vinyl.   Directed by Brook Linder. 

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