Dirt Nap is the band that you should be listening to while you thrash through the streets causing a ruckus; while you mop the kitchen floor; or while you party your heart out in a crummy basement. Dirt Nap is a clan of hardened misfits from Springfield, Missouri: Alex, the insanely rhythmic drumming machine of a man; Dustin, the sexy suave tailor to the lower end; Raymond, sultan of swing on one of them guitars; and Calvin, the soulful siren on the other guitar.

Fresh out of the jungle these boys make waves of savage punk energy coupled with über chillness like you've never heard. Moody vocals, Poo-Wop harmonies, jizzy stick technical drumming, pain, fear, brotherly love, and torture. Dirt Nap's eloquent mix of surf, punk, and whatever the fuck else you want to call it will have babes wetting the bed while your own personal dance party rages on.

Missouri’s finest river band, and the self proclaimed “River Punk Boy Toys” are here to take you all down stream. Wherever the fuck that is.

Download Dirt Nap’s premiere release “Just Ask the Boys” for free on BandCamp and stay tuned for their sophomore release “Oh, Just A Few Boys Horsin’ Around” September 11th, 2014. Never Forget.

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