Casey Jack would like your attention. The newest name on Rough Beast’s lineup doesn’t shy from the spotlight and isn’t afraid of the attentive ear. Listen up, because there’s a good chance you haven’t heard rock and roll go down this smooth in a while. Catchy hooks, brilliantly layered harmonies, lyrics both playful and heartfelt- Casey’s first batch of songs are a breath of fresh air, rich with personal investment.

This investment was made over a long Chicago winter of songwriting. Upon returning home to Springfield, MO several months later, Casey recorded the songs which make up his self-titled debut album. This recording process brought out even further investment as Casey tackled the recording of every aspect of this album himself, with the exception of drums. From his recording process to his live shows, you can expect all work and all play from Casey Jack. He performs live as a powerhouse 3 piece.

“When people hear my music, I want them to hear perfection. I want them to hear the work.”
Casey has both a Spector-esque obsession with detail and a love for the raw, fuzzed out energy of early punk. Not many artists are able to reconcile this duality so effortlessly, but this is where Casey thrives.  There is no sloppiness or competition between his two sides. Seamlessly marrying force and precision, Casey Jack has crafted a rowdy garage pop album worthy of setting a new standard. And he’s just getting started.  

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