This month we welcome a familiar beast back to the fold with a brand new tune!  Since Levi Thomas has moved to Oakland he has recorded a full-length album, navigated several tours, and is more than ready to share these new endeavors with you.  Wearing his influences on his sleeve, while consistently blending them up, Levi serves up a batch of tunes that feel fresh and new with a hint of nostalgia for the greats that have came before us.  Billie is comprised of some of the most honest, self-reflecting song-writing I have heard in a long time and the first offering from the album, "The Fear"  is testament to that opinon.  I could not be happier that this set of songs is going to be coming out on Rough Beast

Head on over to L.A.'s KCRW to hear the premiere of "The Fear" 

"Like his forbearers he came out here looking for gold. In his case, he caught rays of golden sunshine in his cosmic country twang on "The Fear."