The new year is here and Rough Beast is going to be more active.......promise!  To kick things off right we are going to be expanding our family.  Please welcome Andy Ferro!

I have known Andy Ferro going on five years now and he has always been a wonderful friend to me.  One of those beautiful souls that is inherently good and the world is lucky to have.  He also happens to make incredible music.  His flavorful guitar playing in Ranch Ghost has been no stranger to rock-n-roll lovers for a while now, but he struck a new chord recently when he set out to record some tunes on his own.  While hanging with the boys about a year ago I approached Andy about putting out some songs on tape with Rough Beast because I had heard the Short Stories demo and really enjoyed the sound he was crafting.

Fast forward a little over a year, and here we are with this magical music project called Muirhead.  The songs land us in a trance-like state between different levels of sonic texture.  They evoke thoughts of classic rock, psychedelia, and the blues, but ultimately represent a creative being spreading out the map and starting to explore.  It would be impossible to speak to the textures of these songs without mentioning Mitch Jones (Fly Golden Eagle, Majestico, Thunderbitch).  He stepped in after Andy initially tracked vocals, guitar and bass and added embellishments that allow the songs to flow very cohesively.

- R.J.

Muirhead will be released 2/26 on limited edition cassette and digital formats! Stay tuned for single coming soon!