The new tunes just keep on rollin'.  RB03 is a wild and diverse rock and roll effort from everyone's favorite jvngle boys in Dirt Nap.  Featuring eight bangin' new tracks recorded straight to tape by the wonderfully talented Jason Kearbey of Wee Rock Records.  The tapes are limited to 100 and come with a digital download card.  The tunes are also available to stream for free via Spotify HERE or digitally through iTunes HERE.

The boys have also premiered a video for "Drunk Snake" off of the release and it is absolutely a wild time that is not for the faint of heart (or stomach).  Directed by local Springvegas badass Andy Wolff this video will no disappoint and will definitely make you squirm in your own skin a bit.  Hit the link to read through an in depth interview with the boys thanks to out of Warsaw, Poland and view the video below.