"I’m 24 and I live in Nashville, TN. I was born in London and moved back and forth from there twice. This will be my first release outside of the work I’ve put out with my band Ranch Ghost and a couple of demos that I put up on the internet. 

I really wanted to become faster and more self sufficient in the process of getting music out there for people to hear, so I bought a tape machine and taught myself how to use it as I was recording these songs.

I like to be able to write and record at the same time and end up with something useable if I really get into it. Rather than just a garage-band recording or something like that with all of these accidental magic moments that I would just end up trying to replicate later on. The tape machine granted me that ability.

I recorded a song every morning on an acoustic guitar for about a week then slowly fleshed them out over the next couple of weeks. I played everything on them other than some of the keyboard stuff and percussion. 

I play lead guitar in Ranch Ghost, so I deliberately veered away from too much of that. That just wasn’t the point for these. I wanted them to feel kind of stark and close, and lean more on the words and less on guitars. Maybe next time I’ll try and get a band together, though. Or at least have drums on the record. 

When I felt that I had gotten to a good place with them on my own I gave the tapes to Mitch Jones (Fly Golden Eagle, Thunderbitch, Majestico) to wrap it up at his studio, Lil Bivtown. He’s a keyboard and sound effects guru and his playing and atmospheric additions really helped make it feel like it was finished. "
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